Wedding Tiara


Every woman looks forward to this very special, very important day her wedding day. In that day

she is special, she is beautiful; like a rose she blooms, like a princess she awes.

Every attention to detail is scrutinized, especially the bride's gown and accessories. The veil is one such important detail, especially in Christian and Catholic weddings it covers the bride's visage, heightens

the anticipation of the groom to that time when he lifts it up and kisses his wife. And to make sure the

veil does not slip off, a wedding tiara is essential.

Though it is mostly Christian brides who wear wedding tiaras, brides of various religions and culture do

wear it also. It is a charming headgear, an accessory with universal appeal. Every girl had dreamed to

be a princess when she was a child in a wedding, the tiara makes her look like one. It adds grace

and elegance to a bride's entire countenance.

Tiaras diadems to some have been around for centuries. The bridal tiara hails back to the olden

times when the act of wearing one bestows status and honor to the one wearer. Traditionally a high

crown, tiara of modern times is in general a band of semi-circular adorned with jewels ranging from

the simple to the ornate. It is worn in the same manner a circlet is worn around the head, or on

the forehead.

Modern wedding tiaras are easier to wear encrusted with semi-precious stones, shimmering crystals, sparkling rhinestones, pearls, or other precious stones, they are now made of lighter materials, with

a wide array of styles to choose from.

Most tiara bases are fashioned from metallic wire, from pot metal to the expensive platinum and gold. Designs are crafted through artistry in wire arrangements, jewel embellishments set off to advantage. Typical designs peak at the center then tapers off gracefully at the sides.

The tiara must be elegant yet understated it must be seen but must not be flashy. It must create an overall stunning look that is irresistible. It must not detract from the overall image you wish to achieve.

Several factors must be considered. First, it must finish off your bridal veil. It must highlight your

hairstyle not too big or too extravagant as to hide it, nor too small as to appear an afterthought.

It must complement your facial structure, and most importantly, it must complement your bridal gown.
When wearing it, slide the tiara to a 45-degree angle make sure that there is no space between the

tiara and the veil. Sew it in place with invisible threads as insurance. Do some adjustments to suit your

head shape, and use pins to secure it in place. Cover the pins by adjusting your hairstyle ask your

stylist to help you fix your tiara in a manner to accentuate your hairstyle.

Whether simple or rhinestone-studded, your wedding tiara must suit your overall style. It reflects who

you are, and adds the perfect finish to your bridal ensemble.


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