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Rings have always served mostly as personal adornments over the centuries. They are generally recognized as a symbol of your commitment to your partner as in the case of engagement and wedding rings. People In the religious order like priests and nuns also wear rings to signify their bond with God. But aside from these, rings are a common part of today’s fashion worn simply as a way of expressing your own personality through your choice of design, material and color.

From plain to ornate and from practical to ornamental, rings are so adaptable. You have a wide variety of raw material to choose from. You have different types of metal – gold, silver, platinum, and now gaining popularity, titanium. You may even make use of wood, plastic and thread. You may choose to have a simple, plain band or an intricate engraving, setting or gemstone inlay. Whatever the case may be, rings may cost you anywhere from as cheap as a toy in a store or as expensive as the Crown Jewels if you please.

Why Titanium?
From among the many metals and alloys that are usually made into rings, why are titanium rings becoming

a favorite among the people?

Durability and Strength
Most important are its durability and strength. Titanium does not need the addition of other metals to make it strong in order for it to be made into jewelry. Rings made from titanium in its purest form are very resilient to scratches, bending and any other deformation. This is a big plus for people who wish to wear rings but are mostly exposed to heavy manual labor which takes a toll on their jewelry.

A major concern for a lot of people when it comes to wearing rings is the possibility of them being allergic

to the material. People with sensitive skin sometimes cannot wear gold or silver rings because they trigger an allergic attack when worn. That is not the case for titanium rings for titanium is hypo-allergenic.

Can be colored
One unique and fascinating trait of titanium is its ability to be colored. Through the process of oxidation,

or the infusion of a heating process to the surface of the titanium ring, the titanium is able to change

from its natural color gray to red, blue, black, purple, yellow, green and other colors in between.

However, since the color does not penetrate deep into the metal, it is possible to be scratched but

not chipped or worn off. This makes designing the rings an enjoyable experience and gives you more

freedom to play around.


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