Titanium Jewelry


Most people shrug off wearing of jewelry no matter how pretty they may look their attire or features since they are worried that it may cause allergies from nickel components. But thanks to the advent of evolving jewelry designs, titanium is now being used and is climbing up the sales ladder as one of the most in demand types of jewelry in the market today. And so much hype has been given on titanium jewelry these days.

No jewelry collector can ever be called as such if he or she does not have his or her own set of titanium jewelry.

Titanium jewelry is like a diamond in the making. It undergoes a rigorous process called anodizing. This very process is responsible for the variety of colors we see in our titanium jewelry today. Titanium, the base element for most jewelry, is a very interesting element since you can use it to construct various things

for day-to-day use. Few people in ancient history ever thought of making titanium as an ornamental and sentimental piece as jewelry, but innovation and the growing need for tougher jewelry in the market paved the way to its present function as a form of jewelry.

In anodizing titanium to convert it into a classic jewelry piece, various chemical processes are in order.

A layer of oxide of titanium is built up on the metal, and varying voltages in the power source determines a spectrum of colors that the titanium jewelry can appear in. A good knowledge in chemicals and electrolytic means of anodizing can actually help one learn the basics of making titanium jewelry. The actual final product's color after anodizing is also affected by factors such as light reflecting on the coated surface

and the metal.

Titanium jewelry is a treat for both men and women. While pearls and other forms of jewelry are decidedly feminine in make and in appearance, titanium jewelry captivates a wider market, and can be used as gift item for people of all ages, genders, races and sizes. If you buy your picky loved one a titanium jewelry

set, you will be almost always sure that it will be really appreciated by the lucky recipient. Since titanium outlasts various other jewelries, you can also give it in various important occasions or milestones in your loved one's life.

If you are always on the go, go for titanium jewelry. It is tougher than other jewelry components, not as high maintenance as most types of jewelry and is unlikely to cause allergic reactions to its wearer. It is friendly to the human biological structure and is also tolerant of human day-to-day activities, unlikely to tear or tarnish due to overuse or overexposure to various elements.

Understandably, titanium jewelry is more expensive than all the other types of jewelry available in the market. This is really a price worth investing in, considering that it is the most low-maintenance and reliable piece of jewelry you could buy in your entire lifetime, unless a new material alloy has been discovered to surpass or rival titanium's impressive capacities to be a lifetime gift.


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