Taiba Jewellery


Dubai is always associated with the shopping and this arise the question that why always Dubai. The answer lies in the fact that it is a tax-free state. The more you shop the more you have a fear of paying the tax on it. Shopping in Dubai reduces your fear to the maximum level that you do not have to pay any tax for the shopping in Dubai and that reason brings a huge number of people to Dubai each year. Dubai displays you some of the world’s high profile brands in its lavishing malls. Taiba Jewellery is a name that can be located in Dubai by the grace of brand over the years.

Taiba Jewellery offers a spectacular range of full sets and half sets. Each set shows the magnificent creativity that attracts the taste of people belonging to all class. Taiba Jewellery believes on delivering the quality in keeping the mind affordable cost, yet keeping in mind the efforts made on its craftsmen. It not only offers a low cost but also presents the best quality in the town. The hard effort made by company is a proof to its remarkable name earned over a very short period.

Taiba Jewellery is categorized in two main areas depending on the gold, one presenting the gold in 21k while the other in 18k. No matter which category it belongs to, each category presents the breathtaking designs in full sets, half sets, rings, earrings, and bracelets. One of the royal shaped collections is of wide bangles. These bangles are designed beautifully with each stone placed with care and love. The awesome collection of pendants and rings at Taiba Jewellery serves as a slogan of love on every traditional occasion.

To foster the creativity and to promote elegance with creativity, Taiba is also specialized in custom made jewellery. The company welcomes the customer’s requirement of any sort of designs and then adds true soul in it by giving the finest gold to it. The website of Taiba also offers sketching or drawing of design by the customer and helps you bringing thought into reality.

Taiba has also won an honor of winning World Guinness award for manufacturing the world’s biggest ring. Stones are beautifully embellished on this heavy weight ring. Taiba Jewellery not only presents the finest works but also it has contributed in bringing the pride to the kingdom. Apart from winning the world’s biggest award, the company has won a lot of awards for its durable quality and best services.

The main branches have spread all over the region and one of the irresistible stores is present in Dubai Mall with the complete range of jewellery. Its designs collection brings the sensitivity and elegance. Taiba Jewellery in Dubai has been a keen interest to not only the local buyers but has gained a lot of fame internationally as well. This is the reason our eyes look for its spiritual designs. For further information and complete catalogue, visit the website and experience the true soul of gold.

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