Religious Jewelry


For many religious followers, wearing and owning a religious jewelry is not merely for adornment, but it

also symbolizes a person's devotion and faith. When the same item is given to another person as a present, it symbolizes something more meaningful and personal to the one who receives it. Devotees especially love giving and receiving religious jewelry as this serves as a confirmation and recognition of their spiritual being.

The most familiar religious symbol recognized all over the world is the crucifix. Even those who do not practice faith devotedly ought to recognize the symbol for what it is. In the ancient times, the Crucifix represented all that is what many Catholics and Christians believed to be true until today: manifestation, penitence and resurrection. The cross was believed to carry the power to heal. It also represented salvation, which is why a lot of objects from the old days, especially the ones Christians hold very sacredly, have cross symbols on it.

Christian believers during the Byzantine period wore religious crosses made of bronze or even lead, with very simple designs. This was their ultimate adornment, done as simple as possible and mainly as a proclamation of their faith and devotion. Bejewelled pieces were reserved for High Priests when they performed rituals. Coins were considered precious during this period, as they have religious symbols on it. Often, believers would make use of these coins as pendants, by punching holes though the material.

Overall design and materials used to make religious jewelry remained simplistic as time moved on. But in addition to other materials people have learned to use copper and silver for creating religious jewelry and details have become more defined. Badges worn by devotees who went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem have also become popular.

Today, the Crucifix as a religious adornment is made available in several types and designs. It is either

made of silver, gold or white gold and it can be designed and created as a pendant, as a trinket in a charm bracelet, as a pair of earrings or as a brooch or pin. It may be encrusted with gems or diamonds or may be combined with other symbols like the heart or stars.

Among Catholics, religious jewelry is the perfect gift for someone who is about to participate in a special sacrament like the Holy Communion or a Confirmation. A holy rosary with sparkling beads made of precious gems or a white gold necklace with a crucifix or images of saints as pendants, normally serve as ideal, meaningful gifts. There are even tiny bracelets for babies, which can be given to them on their baptism day. Eventually these kinds of gifts may also serve as heirloom pieces or something the bearers will still treasure and remember, as they grow older and wiser. In essence, religious jewelry serves to define the milestones

a Catholic devotee takes.

Jewish traditions, on the other hand, also profess the same gift giving rites. Jews value a religious jewelry like the Star of David or the Chai (which means "the living" in Hebrew) pendants. There are even designs combining the Star of David and the Crucifix into one pendant, making this a very powerful religious piece

of jewelry to own.

Other types of religious jewelry include:
Chastity rings
Wedding rings

Commemorative pieces


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