Platinum Jewelry


Like its gold counterpart, platinum was already used in ancient civilizations in Egypt and even in the Inca civilization of South America. Later, King Louis XVI of France declared that the only jewelry that was fit for royalty was platinum. But in the 1990ís, platinum was disallowed for public use in America during the war because it was declared as a metal that was needed by the United States military. And it was during this time, that white gold was used to substitute for the demand in platinum.

Now, many people confuse platinum with the ordinary white gold but there are distinct dissimilarities between the two. Platinum is already white in color without having to mix it with other metals whereas white gold achieve its color through a combination of different metals including rhodium. Rhodium is usually used to plate the outer surface of the white gold to enhance its color but the plating can erode through the years and it would reveal the real color of the metal which is yellowish-gray. Another way to distinguish platinum from the ordinary white gold is through its weight. Platinum is distinctly heavier compared to its counterpart.

Platinum is also rarer than gold therefore you can expect that its price would be comparatively be higher than gold. To give you a bit of an idea how difficult it is to mine platinum, ten tons of ore is needed to be mined in order to produce an ounce of platinum. Not only that, it usually take up to five months to process the ore into platinum. Also, platinum is generally almost pure in form, it usually contains up to 95% pure platinum. In addition, platinum is denser than 18 carat gold by a third so the craftsmanship required to make a platinum jewelry is more specialized. And unlike any other metal, when platinum is scratched, none of its metal content is lost; rather it is merely displaced so your jewelry retains its volume. And the content can last for years without thinning or wearing down.

Platinum is also used in combination with yellow gold for versatility and understated elegance. Some popular uses for platinum include engagement rings and wedding rings both for men and women. Resizing platinum rings is also an option in the future. Because platinum is a lot more expensive than other precious metals,

it is not a popular choice for the everyday choice of jewelry like earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Nevertheless, people recognize that platinum is one of the best precious metal there is.

Some tips for taking care of your platinum jewelry include storing it separately from other jewelries so that you avoid scratching it. You should also remember to remove your jewelry when working with your hands. And although chemicals will not harm the platinum jewelry in itself, it may harm the gem that is placed on the platinum, so donít wear any jewelry when you are using chemicals just to be safe. Also, clean your jewelry periodically so that it will retain its beauty.


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