Pearl Jewelry


A substitute that most jewelry makers use in place of the common gems, diamonds, tourmalines and rubies, are pearls. Often overlooked, the beauty that a pearl creates once it is used to top of the overall design of most jewelry today is unique and catchy as well. The attractiveness that such finely made jewelry provides would depend variably on the luster, size and fine shape that it comes from. Usually harvested from oysters or other primary mollusk animals, it is likened to that of an actual gemstone. While some would treat this as an affordable substitute to higher priced jewelries today, most would be surprised as well that such finished pearl jewelries would be closer to the range of other fine stoned jewelry today.

Pearls do not come cheap. A lot has to do with the size and the fine finish it comes from. The bigger a pearl, the higher the value, and this can be noticed in fine jewelry finishes in the form of earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants. Perfectly rounded pearls can often be seen in earrings and rings as worn by most women today. The output is quite extravagant in a sense, especially for people who love to make fashion statement through the complement of fine jewelries. Pearl jewelries are no exception and the demand for quality designed and finished pearl jewelry is rampant in the world today.

Pearls come in basic shapes, namely:
1. Round
2. Semi-round
3. Button
4. Drop
5. Pear
6. Oval
7. Baroque
8. Ringed

The mentioned shapes are used in different categories of jewelry. For example, well-rounded pearls are

used mostly in earrings and rings. These can commonly be seen worn by women from everywhere; paying complement to overall beauty as far as jewelry selection is concerned. Tear drop shaped pearls are used mainly as the focal point of pendants, the center of attention which can be a choice between known gems or pearls.

The shift to the alternative designs of pearl jewelries is evident today. Like in most Asian countries like the Philippines and Malaysia, pearl jewelry is a common sight to see today. While there are authentic and fake pearls, the bottom-line is that of portraying a fashion statement for alluring attention from social functions and gatherings. Many would be surprised at the impact that such a fine gemstone like rounded object would provide. It is in this instance the choice of jewelry does not always have to come from expensive gemstones but rather the final design made from using them.

Pearl necklaces also have their share of making a name for themselves, especially when it comes towards pearl jewelries
for consideration. Varying in colors, design, and shapes a string of pearls made up of the same or variant colors becomes a striking figure from afar in gatherings and functions. Pearls, if put into good use and projected in the manner that they should be, are definitely in a league of its own once jewelry selection is taken into consideration.


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