Men Jewelry


When we think of jewelry, the first thing that comes to mind is to associate this with the women population. A thing as precious and as beautiful as jewelry is normally synonymous with women but these days, it is fairly common to find men wearing and owning jewelry pieces to accentuate their wardrobe and physical appearance. Men wearing jewelry is not a new fad to fashion and personal style. Royalties of the ancient period have long been donning gold, silver and bejewelled pieces to flaunt their possessions. Kings of the

old days wore jewelry as a symbol of status and power. And as time passed, men continue to wear expensive pieces to show their own style and identity.

A most common and very popular accent jewelry piece men wear is an exquisitely crafted and expensive men's watch. Jewelry watches in men does not necessarily come with all that glittering diamonds, but the reason why many men would want to wear this sometimes extravagant time piece is because of the fact that many men remain fascinated with a fine watch's intricacies and craftsmanship. Plus, jewelry watches are the ultimate status symbol.

Rings are very popular with men, as well. Rings today come in a variety of designs, shapes and purpose. Married men proudly wear their wedding bands not only to represent and symbolize their commitment,

but it sometimes makes a fashion statement. Some male clubs bestow rings to its members as a symbol

of solidarity and identity. Mens' rings are made up of durable and stronger materials, like steel or titanium,

as these kinds make a subtle manly statement. A classic ring many men wear is one that is made of gold

or platinum, with a single big gem stone (normally a symbol) encrusted in it.

Many men prefer necklaces and bracelets that do not call attention. Although these pieces are often

made of thicker chains, men normally choose the neutral tones or silver tones over the flashier kinds,

as they work to accentuate and not to overpower. Necklace chains do not usually come with a pendant

and a simple single stand would suffice. Bracelets in classic designs of single gold, white gold or silver strands are usually popular choices.

It used to be unthinkable for men to wear earrings. But today, the idea of men with pierced ears is very much embraced and is regarded as a style. Earrings men wear come in simple studs made of silver or gold, pearl or hoops and it can either be worn on one side or in both earlobes. Additionally, men also wear the same type of jewelry either as nose rings, belly button rings or eyebrow rings.

Although mens' jewelry does not afford them to have interchangeable pieces unlike with women, there are plenty of choices for men to go by. Men wear rings, bracelets, necklaces, cuff lings, watches and even earrings just like a lot of women do and they also shop around for new styles and designs. Especially in today's times, where men are just as aware of fashion, fad and styles as women, the market for mens' jewelry continue to increase.



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