The Hip-Hop Jewelry Craze


Bling-bling was supposed to be known as a car model until hip hop fashion jewelry came along. The term now refers to exaggerated, sometimes oversized, and flashy jewelries that are worn by almost everyone from students to fashionable housewives and even famous celebrities.

Hip-hop jewelry has gotten into the system of almost every girl in town and sometimes even the boys get their share of hip-hop jewelries for the neck, bracelet and even for the ears.

It used to be associated with funky attire with all those loose chains adorning the neck and arms of both male and female species. The funny thing is that male celebrities are also heavily into hip hop jewelry and they never leave home without them.

The influence of male and female celebrities can be best observed among students and ordinary citizens

who could not help but copy everything their idols wear including those often overstated jewelries.

Perhaps the reason why hip hop jewelries are so famous is because it is affordable and very wearable for all occasions.
While wear their hip hop jewelries even during awards nights, ordinary mortals also dare to wear their fashionable hip hop jewelries even in formal occasions.

Hip hop jewelries are generally loud because they were made and are worn to catch the attention of everyone who would dare take a look at the wearer. These jewelries can come in silver or gold depending

of course on the taste of the wearer.

The most common hip hop jewelries among men are heavy necklace and over size rings. Female hip hop fanatics however wear almost everything hip-hop from anklets, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories and

the likes.

While hip-hop jewelry is the rage now, do not be fooled into thinking that this is an invention of the new generation. Tale a look at the movies and videos of yesteryears and you will see photos and movies of rock and roll King Elvis Presley adorned by his own funky hip-hop strands and studs.

Most hip-hop jewelry is made of silver or gold or a mixture with bits of diamonds and other less expensive stones. The hip-hop craze is usually characterized by large pendants, hoped and drooping earrings and big, big bangles! The bigger your hip-hops are the better for the eyes of the beholder.

Common people wear fake hip-hop jewelries that may cost them less than ten dollars. However, there are people who are really serious about their hip-hop ambition that they really buy very expensive hip-hop jewelries with diamonds.

Females usually go for hip-hop earrings that are bigger than their faces. Sometimes they match this with huge bracelet chains with very big pendants that will surely dazzle even in the dark.

You can choose to settle for the cheap imitations that are available everywhere but if you have the money and the guts to wear them then go for the real thing with diamond studs and gold-plated chains. However, real hip-hop jewelries are sometimes made to order so better check out with your jeweler first before choosing a hip-hop jewelry.


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