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Putting on the best clothes, dresses and wardrobes are simply not enough today for most people who want to make a fashion statement. While designer clothes have become rampant and widely available anywhere today, the complement that fashion jewelry today is still a varying factor for people who simply want to gain the attention from most people.

Fashion jewelry is striking sights that would normally catch the attention and the eye of people who would always look at something different. The usual gems and stones found in the usual jewelries such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants would always carry the design by most jewelry accessories today. This is where most designed wardrobes need to complement as well, visualizing the overall appearance of the presentation of a person once she comes out in the open like parties and special

event functions. It is a marriage of sorts since they have to complement each other.

Originally, such fashion jewelries were pasted on costumes to make everything into one entire eye catching setup. But as time changes, not all people would have the liberty of choosing which jewelry to put on and thus the advent of personalized and uniquely designed jewelry made its mark. By the 1960's a wide array of various designs using stones, gems and other mined glass like pieces were used to enhance different designed jewelry, specifically for the eye of most female individuals.

The gems such as crystals and diamonds had various costs, most of which are used in the expensive jewelries that we see today. Outside that of being rare designed jewelry, these have become collector items and treasures by most people which gain appraised values over time. Usually worn at special functions only, the impact and complement it would have on the chosen wardrobe depends on how the person owning and wearing them would project herself into the open. It is not purely about showing off her prized possessions but more of following a fashion statement that any person would want to implicate.

The usual events would include weddings, debuts, birthdays, and prestigious events that would usually be held once in lifetime for most people. While the value of such fashion jewelries are sure to rise at some point, the safekeeping of such and proper maintenance to avoid issues as missing stones or even misplaced items due to carelessness should be properly addressed. Besides, at the rate that their values are rising, it only means that rare existence of the design and even the gems as well is already an indication that these items must be cared for closely.

Overall, the complement factor and proper selection of the set of jewelries to be used at the events that need to be graced is still the most important aspect. People love to show off, but the right mix of wardrobe and jewelry accessories at any given occasion must also be given due consideration above everything else.


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