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Ooh!! Engagements! These are so romantic and infuse in all of us a sense of whimsy and fairy-tale beginnings. At the center of it all, aside from the love you have for each other of course, is the engagement ring. Traditions dictate that the diamond is the perfect ring to surprise your fiancée with. Unfortunately,

not everyone is financially able to shell out one or two months of their salary to purchase a diamond ring with. What do you do then?

Considerations in Choosing an Engagement ring
1. Cost or budget – It's every woman's dream to be presented with a stunning diamond ring when the man that she loves proposes to her. Now, unless your man belongs to the ranks of the wealthiest men in the world, most likely he will be hard-pressed to purchase a $3,500 diamond ring. Don't despair. The diamond ring is not the only symbol of your undying love for each other. Don't buckle under the pressure that society may put on you for not following tradition. Would you rather start off your marriage up to your ears in debt because of this ring or would you be content with a slightly less expensive ring and still have some money left over to spend on each other?

2. Emotional Investment – Your engagement ring signifies the turning point in your relationship when you both commit to a lifelong partnership together. For this reason, you attribute sentimental value to your ring. You are bound to it as much as you are bound to your partner. You don't necessarily see it as an investment for the future – one that can be easily traded in exchange for cash when the need arises.

3. Surprise or Mutual Decision – It is usually during the surprise proposal when a woman gets a first glimpse at her engagement ring. But, wouldn't it be nice to pick out a ring together? For all you know, your fiancée might not like a diamond ring. It will thus give her a chance to pick out the ring she likes and maybe it won't even cost so much too. She'll probably even appreciate it more because you showed her that you valued and respected her opinion.

The Diamond Engagement Ring versus Other Alternatives
Despite what anybody else says, you are still hell-bent on getting that diamond engagement ring. Okay, but first you have to know the basics in choosing a diamond ring. The best combination of the 4C's determines the quality and cost of a diamond. These are carat, clarity, color and cut. The heavier the carat weight of a diamond, the higher is its value although people generally mistake carat weight for size. Clarity refers to the "inclusions" or the natural minor flaws in the diamond. The less visible inclusions, the brighter the diamond becomes and the more expensive is it s corresponding value. Colorless diamonds are the most expensive because they are able to create more sparkle within the stone. The cut of the diamond is the most important factor because this is where man sculpts the inner gem from an already stunning piece. The best proportions that can showcase the brilliance of the diamond are the ones given a higher value. Talking to an experienced jeweler will help you pick out the diamond engagement ring that is well-suited to your fiancée and to your budget.

If you're not in the market for a diamond engagement ring, there are still other choices that don't necessarily disparage your love for your fiancée. For instance, you may give her an heirloom engagement ring – one that has been in your family for generations. In fact, some women are absolutely blown away when they receive something as precious and valuable as an heirloom ring.

If you don't have an heirloom ring, you may choose to buy a similar ring from an antique shop or a pawnshop and have it reset according to you and your fiancée's specifications. There are also cheaper stones and other gems that may be substituted for a diamond ring.


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