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Diamond engagement rings have once been accused as mythical symbols of love fabricated by an advertising agency to create a demand or market for a certain diamond company. Like Valentines and Mother's/Father's day, diamond engagement rings are poster children for excessive and meaningless lifestyles. However, that the practice of giving diamond rings as the ultimate expression of infinite love existed even before there were creatures such as advertising agencies. And the basis of our ancestors

for establishing such a practice in not altogether bereft of logic or reason.

The round shape of rings is rooted in the belief that the circle symbolizes eternity. The circle has neither

a beginning nor an ending point. This infiniteness of the circle is the aspiration of every couple, till death

do them part as they say. The circle is regarded as the perfect shape; no uneven and pointy sides. This state of perfection is another quality that all couples strive for, a purely harmonious union with little or

no conflict at all.

Engagement rings are not necessarily made from precious metals like gold or platinum. Depending on the social status of the giver or couple, it can be made of any metal. Commoners used ordinary metal; royalties and other members of the upper crust preferred gold or silver. Over the recent years platinum has gained popularity as the more sophisticated alternative material for rings. But gold remains the traditional choice

of precious metal because of its malleability. Gold is easy to manipulate, making even the most intricate designs possible. Gold is a status symbol; it is expensive and has been the precious metal of choice of

the rich and powerful through the ages. Last, but not least, the brilliant yellow color of gold is universally regarded as beautiful. Many cultures associate it with the sun's fiery brilliance. Wearing gold is like basking

in the beauty of the sun without getting burned.

Engagement rings may or may not have precious stones and gems. Again this depends on the status of the giver and the recipient. Diamonds are the preferred stone for reasons of beauty, practicality and value. Diamonds are the hardest known material on the planet. When cut properly, they are among if not the most beautiful of precious stones. The cold and intense beauty of the diamond contrasts perfectly with

the sublime warm brilliance of gold, making the combination irresistible.

There is no set standard for what makes the perfect engagement ring; virtually any material is considered acceptable. Diamond engagement rings remain the classic choice for couples because of tradition and their inherent beauty. The shape of the ring is symbolic of the desired harmony, perfection and infinity the union hopes to embody and achieve. The diamond ring is a symbol of the couple's eternal love for each other; a testament to the heavens and the whole world that they are spoken for; a witness to every spoken and unspoken promise of fidelity and eternity.


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