Diamond Jewelry


Diamond jewelry is perhaps the best and most expensive gift that a man can give to woman, or a woman

to herself. Yet, finding the perfect diamond jewelry to buy could be an exhilarating and daunting tasks,

not because diamond jewelries are extremely expensive, but more so because a diamond jewelry has

distinct characteristics that sets it apart from all the other kinds of jewelries.

When looking for diamond jewelry to buy, buyers can use the four Cs of diamond jewelry. These are cut, carat, color and clarity. These four characteristics define the best features of certain piece of diamond. Passing all four characteristics would ensure the rarity and purity of diamond jewelry.

Diamond jewelry's cut refers to how a craftsman had polished and transformed a diamond from its roughness into fine and exquisite piece of artistic beauty and elegance as defined by its angles and proportions. Diamond jewelry should not be cut too deep or too shallow to avoid losing its brilliance and consequently

its value. Diamond jewelry should be cut properly to display its true brilliance and fire.

Carat is none other than the weight of a diamond and is different from the size of the diamond. One carat

is equivalent to 200 milligrams. The higher the carat of a diamond the more expensive it is. So, budget

must also be considered when choosing the carat of the diamond to buy.

Diamond jewelry has many variations of color. The most common of which is of course the white ones.

But as defined by the Gemological Institute of America, a diamondís color ranges from D to Z. Choosing

the right color depends on one's taste as well as the frequency that the diamond jewelry will be used

in every different occasion.

Lastly, a diamond's clarity should also be considered when buying diamond jewelry. Clarity refers to

the ranking of perfection of diamond jewelry. As established by the Gemological Institute of America,

a diamond's clarity ranges from flawless to included. A flawless diamond has the most value while

included has the least value. Although clarity of a diamond may not be clearly visible to the naked

eye, the amount of inclusion, or the disruption in the flow of light through the diamond, can be

seen using magnifying equipments.

With these 4Cs of characteristics of diamond jewelry, it would be easier to find the most rare diamond

that one can afford. With these 4Cs in mind, the next step towards buying diamond jewelry is finding

a good jeweler. Seek recommendations from relatives or friends who have previous experiences in buying jewelries. Research on the jeweler's background and if possible read customers' feedback if available.

And most importantly, have confidence when buying diamond. Since the diamond jewelry industry upholds

a high standard when it comes to the trade of diamonds, rest assured that most of the diamonds that are available in the market are of finest quality and high standard of authenticity. Avoid purchasing from

fly-by-night jewelers as much as possible.


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