Diamond Decisions


In the marketplace, we have many decisions to make regarding our purchases. This is particularly true in the diamond jewelry retail market as there are hundreds of available resources with diamond information at our fingertips and it is very important that we, as consumers, research our jewelry purchases so that we make the best possible choices. Diamonds are available in rings, earrings, and necklaces in countless configurations through many different types of retailers. It is our job to be aware of what the value of the jewelry is and the pricing and grading of the diamonds in the piece. Since we are not able to touch and inspect our online purchases, it is imperative that we choose a reputable diamond dealer who we trust to make our purchases. The grading of diamonds is done by professional labs with larger diamonds accompanied by a certificate and as long as the diamonds are represented truthfully, it will be easy for us to decide what the best deal for our budget is.

Diamond grading is a process where a professional in the diamond industry grades a diamond based on four characteristics to determine its price point. It is a very consistent process and involves much analysis on the part of the lab professionals. The two main aspects that usually determine the diamonds prices are its cut quality and color. The closer a diamond is to colorlessness, the more it will cost, as these particular diamonds, which fall in the D-F range, are much harder to find and are considered rare. The cut quality can also make or break a diamond. When a diamond is cut, it must be cut to exacting proportions to obtain the best balance of fire and brilliance. The shape of the diamond is irrelevant in this process and it must be done to not only allow the diamond to reach its potential, but allow the least amount of waste in the cut process. The other two aspects that will be noted are the clarity, which tells you how “clean” the diamond is internally, and the carat weight, which is often noted in points if smaller than one carat and is a percentage of weight. These last two are not as crucial and will be affected by the two main characteristics substantially.

Armed with the latest and most detailed diamond information, the purchase of diamond jewelry can be easy and convenient online with just a few clicks of the mouse. Most online stores offer free shipping and wonderful guarantees. As long as you know what to look for when you are shopping, the apprehension you would normally feel shopping for such a high ticket item can be alleviated.


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