Damas Jewellery


Dubai is a land of trends and brands. The famous Dubai festival provides a platform to world’s prestigious brands that people can explore under one roof. This is the reason each year Dubai records a huge number of visitors from all over the world. As a result, Dubai is a home to different brands and in each mall offer products range from high profile to the affordable price. Jewellery is a medium that is of keen interest to not only women put to the men who follows the trends. Damas Jewellery is the one brand that gives you the product of your dream. The company is operating more than 200 stores all over the world.

Damas offers a huge variety of jewellery in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings, anklets, pendants, and mobile charms. All these variety of jewellery are beautifully embellished with gemstones, diamonds, gold, and pearls. Damas jewellery not only targets the women’s trends but also offers a good variety of men’s collection as well. A number of celebrities wear Damas and that is a proof of its quality assurance. Not only this brings the fame to company but Damas jewellery is also active in doing some of the best social contributions.

Damas jewellery tends to be active on traditional events as well and tries to offer concerned brands, keeping in mind that Dubai is having people belonging to different cultures. There are number of jewellery categories as well that follows a theme in its manufacturing designs. A home for many international brands, Damas jewellery is having a list of its own brands, each that follows a specific concept. Legacy, Nakshatra, Solitaire, Harmony, Jawaher, and Fior are some of the brands that are introduced by Damas.

Damas presented a variety of collection. Akshayatritiya collection is derived from Hindu calendar and rangoli are some of the finest designs in this category. Diwali is a traditional event for Hindus and Damas celebrates the Diwali by giving free gifts with the items purchased. Some of the finest designs of this category are mira and ananya. Damas also presents a rare design of interconnected rings that has to be linked properly in order to wear it. Known as puzzle ring, it is of keen interest to people for presents. The collection of fulla is a true depiction of youth. Each design presents the beauty of youth. Hence, Damas jewellery is age free jewellery that offers the spectacular collection for all old to young and man to woman.

As Damas jewellery is active in designing the products for traditional purpose as well, it also offers some commendable packages for gifts. Some of the products are specifically designed to be presented as a gift. There is a wide range of products that starts from very reasonable price. Not only it manufactures gifts for traditional events, but also there is a huge variety for the corporate sector. All the information and the complete catalogue are available on the company website.

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