Celtic Jewelry

Jewelry is more than just ornamentation. It's more than pretty trinkets you put on in order to glamorize yourself. It can also be symbolisms of history, beliefs and even cultural expression. This is particularly the case when it comes to Celtic jewelry, a one of a kind group of ornaments which expresses more than the beauty that meets your eye.

This kind of jewelry was crafted and made popular by the Celts of European places. These are Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and Brittany. These people utilized bronze, silver and gold in the production of their trinkets and charms. These kinds of jewelry were so popular that the world quickly embraced when it comes to fashion and style. One of the most popular variants of Celtic jewelry is the circular brooches with long pins, which are commonly known as pennanular brooches. There were also designs which showed Celtic heritage such as those with patterned knotworks and ancient symbols.

Since Celtic jewelry originated a long time ago, it is only natural for its popularity to die down a bit. However, this very recede in its mainstream popularity is also what brought it to high end market. Today, the most sought after ornaments of this kind would have to be the Celtic ring. These kinds of rings have been marked as favorites when it comes to choice of wedding bands, friendship rings, promise rings and others. They come in spirals, knots, chevrons and scrolls which have been issues of debate for the longest time. Each one has a hidden meaning which is yet to be discovered by the common jewelry lover.

It could be said that the meaning of these ancient rings have been lost along with the original Celtic

race due to their oral tradition.

Many assume that the wedding band's circular formation is a symbol of undying love between two people. However, when embellished with a knotwork, the ring's meaning changes and leans more towards infinity

and wisdom. Designs which showcase symbols like the alpha, omega and triskell also have different interpretations. All of these symbols though express messages which focus on pure faith and hope.

This especially the case with designs used to design trinkets and accessories.

Of all the Celtic ornaments of today though, it could be said that the most remarkable are the ones which possess the triskell. This is said to be a historical symbolism which expresses the three life stages of the ancient goddess of life. These are maiden, mother and crone. After Christianity though, it became Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. This is why Celtic jewelry with the triskell on it is a popular choice among Christians and feminists alike.

Such meanings make wearing these fine ornaments a lot more interesting. From beauty to story, this kind of jewelry is really a treasure worth possessing. Have one of your own now and experience ornamentation the deep and soulful way. Only Celtic jewelry can do all these for you.


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