Bridesmaid Jewelry


A successful wedding ceremony would not be possible if not for the help of a bridesmaid. A bridesmaid plays a very important and crucial role in every wedding ceremony. She is the right hand of the bride; she is the bride's best buddy. And it is but fitting to appreciate her role by giving her a precious gift. Something that she can use during the wedding ceremony. Bridesmaid jewelry would certainly make her happy and proud

of being a bridesmaid.

There are two factors to consider when choosing the right bridesmaid jewelry. Style and mood. Jewelries should match the mood of the wedding motif. Every piece of jewelry that a bridesmaid would wear should match her over all appearance and other accessories. Earrings and necklace must complement each other while at the same time, complement the whole bridesmaid dress.

However, since the bridesmaid jewelry maybe worn also after the wedding on different occasions, the

over all generality of the jewelry must also be considered. The piece of jewel should not be to elegant

or extravagant so that the bridesmaid can still wear it even after the wedding, on different occasions. Bridesmaid should treasure it since it is a very special gift from their friends whom they helped during

their wedding.

When considering buying bridesmaid jewelry, there are various types to choose from. It could either be

a necklace or earrings or a set of both. A set of pearl earrings and necklace is the most common choice among brides. Pearl exudes a somber tone and elegance. It is not too loud so as to overshadow the brides own bridal jewelry.

For the more lavish and extravagant wedding, diamond jewelry is sometimes considered for the bridesmaid. That would depend of course to the bride's budget. If budget is a constraint or a big factor, there are less expensive jewelries that brides can consider to give their bridesmaid. Silver necklace for one are not that expensive and can be easily adorned or embedded with small particles of precious gems or crystals. This can be matched with a pair of earrings made of other precious gems or crystals. The more common of these gems and is widely popular nowadays is the Swarovsky. Swarovsky is not very expensive and can be easily mix and matched and customized to suit one’s taste and style.

Aside from earrings and necklaces, other bridesmaids' jewelry can also be given that the bridesmaid can wear during the wedding and even after the wedding. This can be a hair clip embedded with gems and crystals. Bobby Pins encrusted with precious stones such as diamonds, crystals or pearls.

Generally, choosing and buying the right jewelry gift for a bridesmaid is not a difficult task. The important thing to remember is that, to avoid overshadowing the brides during the wedding, bridesmaid jewelry should not be as extravagant as the jewelries that the bride will wear.


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