Atlas Jewellery


Jewellery is the ultimate charm for every women belonging to any class or region. They are willing to spend millions to get the desired piece. This willingness makes them go for branded jewellery. In Dubai there are various brands offering different styles of jewellery. Atlas Jewellery is a brand that has made its solid mark in Dubai by presenting the quality work and the trust on its metal. The jewellery is known for keeping the traditional as well as latest designs.

Atlas Jewellery is known for the perfect collection of modern as well as ethnic designs. The valuable jewellery comes in gold, pearls, diamonds, and gemstones.

Atlas Jewellery has the philosophy to gain the trust of its customers. It is the approach that millions of people trust the brand and has become their permanent customers. The Atlas Jewellery comes in a huge variety of bangles, earrings, necklaces, rings, and other necessary ornaments. The gold jewellery comes in many collections with a specific theme to be followed. The Adya collection of gold consists of wavy design with studded stones. The Dyumna collection has the perfect touch of Asian culture. The small and large sets truly bring charm in your formal or casual occasion. The Maisha collection by Atlas Jewellery consists of large sets with wide necklaces that serve as a perfect bridal jewellery. The finishing and the cuts of the jewellery are outstanding from every perspective. The Moriina collection of gold jewellery is of medium sized sets that can serve for every occasion. The collection speaks of its fusion of traditional and modern touch. The Sevgi collection is made with traditional patterns of designs and has used different colouring to modify the jewellery. The carving and the colouring is well coordinated. The Zyana collection is an appealing collection with different colour work to emboss the design. The rich gold jewellery of Zyana collection is admired worldwide.

Atlas Jewellery also presents the best quality of diamond. The diamond jewellery also comes in many collections. The Calista collection has the beautiful combination of white and black diamond. The brilliant cut of diamond speaks of its true originality. The Candrii collection is a delicate collection of diamond jewellery. City of gold collection has displayed brilliant work of artistry in its making. The Maahi collection of Atlas jewellery speaks the true passion of love with its heart shaped pendants. The iris and syamanthaka collection speaks of its fine delicacy.

Atlas jewellery also presents the leading designs of pearls. The kimono pearl has all the charm in it and is appreciated all over the gulf region. The gemstone collection of Fulki has presented the semi-precious stone in a unique manner. The small sets of these stones have all the charm to serve for any occasion. The jewellery has given a new look to the fashion trends in Dubai. Visit the official website of the company and find the nearest store in Dubai to create the glamorous look by accessorizing with the unique and gorgeous collection of this brand.

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