Amber Jewelry


Amber is another hardened compound that is used in jewelries today. It is more familiarly known as a residue from trees and fossil resins dating back to over 30 to 90 million years ago. Known to be a mineral that has hardened over time, amber can be softened through burning and may eventually burn up. Amber can also produce electricity by rubbing a cloth with it and eventually attracting bits of paper.

Amber is more commonly seen in pendants and other stone embedded jewelry designs. Its unique hardened shape makes it an ideal topping for most jewelry designs, being the choice of most people who take pride in the selection of proper jewelry for complement towards their overall appearance, especially for people who always go out on social functions.

Amber is also a key composition in the usual beads and other ornaments today. Necklaces are a common sight that is worn by most women, and is considered the carrying value of the said accessory. A good substitute for the usual stones that include pearls, diamonds, and rubies, amber provides a different image to project for most people, unique and eye catching at that. For some people who put emphasis on reasonable cost but masterfully designed jewelries, amber stands among the top choices for most.

One question that is perhaps making people think is why amber becomes valuable to some. Believing that amber came to be from ancient times, hardened tree saps, the base origin of amber as believed by most would most likely contain insects or some elements that come from the early days. Trapped insects which usually hang around trees would get caught once the tree saps would be produced, trapping insects and other objects such as follicles or other objects that would provide hardened amber a higher value that

most people would want to have.

The supply of amber is traced towards the Baltic States and the Dominican Republic. Usually mined together with the other resources they harvest. The Baltic States are known to have the older and valuable amber minerals but for the people who would want to bonuses such as insect inclusions for a rarer find.

Jewelry collectors and enthusiasts who always want to be the first in their field for the best accessories are sure to pay good money to claim such rare finds of amber finishes. Standing out among the usual common jewelry that is worn by people today is what most able people would do, particularly the ones who can travel to any part of the world where such gems as amber is being specialized. Opportunities and the available supply for prized finds of amber will surely be grabbed at any available time. Once claimed, the

next step towards consolidating such gemstones with desired jewelry designs for overall body accessory complement such as pendants and necklaces will be the next stop for people who have high standards for jewelry to be worn by them.

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